John's story-

I grew up in Southern Colorado and learned to fly fish during college. I was a part of what became known as the A River Runs Through It generation. We read voraciously the likes of David Whitfield and hung onto every word that John Gierach wrote. The sport of fly fishing was out of reach for most people back then, and you really had to be committed to learning the craft. The lack of internet and tribal knowledge could only take you so far, and as a result, I spent many years learning from my own mistakes. I ensure all of my clients learn the sport of fly fishing using the least path of resistance, resulting in less stress and more relaxation on the water.

One day in the fall of 1996, I received a copy of the Orvis News. I was working as an engineer in the defense industry in Colorado Springs, CO at the time, but read a job advertisement for a Process Engineer, and it later led to working for one of the best outdoor catalog companies in the World, Orvis. Many years later I worked in the capacity of Engineering Manager for both Orvis Fly Rods in Manchester, Vermont, and British Fly Reels Ltd. in Falmouth, Cornwall, England. 


Having worked in and out of factories for 20+ years, I made a career change and became a full-time math and science teacher at a private middle/high school in Dorset, VT. Teaching as a career enabled me to finally satisfy my lifetime urge to fish most every day for a living. My ability to teach professionally really pays off when instructing both advanced and beginners the art of fly fishing. I have been fishing for over 35 years now, and fly fishing for 25+. I pride myself on teaching the most effective methods in a short amount of time, my clients have an integrated learning experience while actively fishing.

Ray's story-

Growing up in East Texas in the 60's/70's there were three requirements in
the Rogers' household: 1) know the Lord,  2) be able to hit a 2 iron, and 3)
know how to catch a wild trout on a fly rod.   Fly fishing is in his blood -
John's father hailed from Western North Carolina with 3 generations of fly
fisherman while his Mom was from Manhattan with a father who built a small
cabin by hand on the banks of the Beaverkilll in upstate NY.  John's first
trout was taken at an early age on in this famed NY river and he's brought
several thousand more to hand in Western Carolina, NH, VT and places beyond
over the years.  As time went by and opportunities presented John pursued
trout across the globe from the Western American rivers, creeks and high
altitude lakes to the rivers and streams of Labrador, New Zealand and
Europe.  Some of his escapades and fish have been chronicled in the Orvis
News and American Angler Magazine.

John's work ethic, integrity and dogged determination, the same gifts he
applies to chasing trout, took him into senior leadership roles in some of
Americas most admired companies (Disney, Hasbro, Orvis and Under Armour)
"One of my most proud career moments was when I was able to tell both sides
of my fly fishing family I had a job for The Orvis Company."  John and his
wife Anne, of 27 years, have called the small hamlet of Arlington, VT home
since 2000 and raised two kids on the banks of the Batten Kill river.

"I love the sport of fly fishing, the places it takes me and the enduring
relationships it has gifted me.  The older I get the more I appreciate the
nuances of the sport and the chasing as much as the catching of these
beautiful wild creatures."

John Rogers

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